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Our Company

„The time periods between vision and reality are becoming ever shorter. We regard this fact not as a risk but as an opportunity to continue to create new benchmarks.“.” With this maxim began the history of LTC Laserdienstleistungen in the summer of 1994. The founders of our company around Matthias Falkenstein could look back on experiences of many years in the production of printed circuit boards and electronic devices. Since they had come to know this branch of industry in all its facets, ambition and direction of the new company were quickly established: LTC not only wanted to make a name for itself as a manufacturer of high-quality laser cutting stencils and accessories but also as a service provider and a competent advisor in the area of design and assembly of stencils for the production of electronic devices.

The close interrelationship of production, service, and consulting competence formed the basis for LTC to be able from the outset to cope with the great challenges that all areas of the production of electronic devices are faced with today: No matter whether it concerns laptops, mobile phones, or flat-panel displays – “slim line” and “super flat” are the key words; miniaturization is progressing everywhere. Accordingly, the requirements for precision, efficiency, and quality with all planning and production sequences are continually increasing.

In this regard, for example, LTC has set a new benchmark with the first four-sided pneumatic stencil tensioning system Quattro-Flex®. Today, the system is used in more than 2,000 installations and has made a crucial contribution to enable electronics producers to considerably reduce their set-up times and thus substantially increase economic efficiency in production. That also applies to important “add-ons” with which LTC likewise succeeded to establish a good reputation for itself. As an example we will only mention the stencil treatment process LTC-Protection that protects operators from injuries and has been copied by many competitors.

Since 1997, LTC has been ISO certified. The re-certification was granted on 12 October 2009 by the certification department of MOODY International Certification GmbH, Marie-Bernays-Ring 1, 41199 Mönchengladbach.

The fact that LTC had met the nerve of the time with its innovative concept has been reflected not least in its own growth. Our business success led to the transformation of the company to a ‘GmbH & Co. KG’ in 2002. One year later, the LTC Falkenstein Leiterplatten-Technologie-Center was integrated. Thus the competences of research & development, production, and service were combined under one roof.